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Joshua Reynolds



 I was raised in Little Rock, AR, have lived throughout the U.S., & moved to Brooklyn, NY, via the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2007.   

From an early age I was influenced by art of all kinds, which have been with me throughout my journey... From visual to musical, martial arts to culinary, creativity was always close, as well as comforting.  Learning to make the most out of the least, I'm inspired to inspire others by showing how to unlock the potential energy that we all have within us.  

Due to a "rocky" childhood, I had insecurities that manifested into a bad attitude towards the world & people in it.  Thankfully through creativity in one form or another, I gained the confidence that created a love within, that I am now able to share with the rest of the world.  

By teaching  self confidence through creating , people can learn to love themselves, which makes it easier to love & respect others, making the world a better place to live for all.

Inspired by the NYC energy & scenery, I started framing shots on a Motorola Razor, which evolved to an IPhone, soon after, paving a path to employment at a production rental house in Manhattan, giving me access to gear & knowledge that is priceless.  

  I have worked with numerous artists including Craig Anthony Miller aka C.A.M. (Brooklyn Artist / Graphic Designer), Kurious Jorge (Hip Hop Mcee) , Laolu Senbanjo (Nigerian / Brooklyn Artist / Musician),  Prince Paul (Hip Hop DJ/ Producer) & Tim Okamura (Brooklyn Artist), to name a few...

 I have also worked on Projects with the historic Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Domino Sugar Factory, as well as projects for Tom Ford, Forbes Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger (Clothing Designer), Elizabeth Gilbert (Author Eat, Pray, Love), as well as David Chang (Chef, Author, Restauranteur, TV Personality), to name some of the other noteworthy clients.

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